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The Apostles' not only understood that the Church is the spiritual body of the Messiah, the One New Man, but also the heavenly Zion out of which the scepter of Messiah's Kingdom would be extended to all the governments and nations of the earth, establishing righteous judgment, peace and joy.

The Apostles understood that the Church is the New Jerusalem, the City of God established on the Heavenly Mount Zion, and the light of the world, to whom the governments and nations of the whole earth would come and learn Christ, beating their swords into plowshares and learning war no more. They understood that this singular Church is the body of Christ's Kingdom purpose, His threshing instrument and the demonstration in the earth of life under the government of King Jesus!

What does the special revelation of these Apostles mean to believers today and to the Church of the 21st century? How do the popular beliefs and modern theologies of Evangelical, Pentecostal, and Charismatic ministers compare with the revelation of these first century apostles? How does the Apostles' understanding impact or correct and adjust the tendencies of modern ministers and churches to postpone Messiah's Kingdom until after the Second Coming and to build their own independent local Churches?

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  • Comment Link Kirk Hill Friday, 18 March 2011 03:19 posted by Kirk Hill

    Holy Spirit be with us on earth as you are in heaven. I believe the Kingdom is spiritual, physical, and intellectual just as we are mind, body, and spirit in His image. I believe the greatest gift we have is Love. If we as members (sons and daughters) of His Kingdom truly Love one another the world will become His Kingdom. I believe the acts of the believers are a gift of His so that many will come to know His Love and will be saved. His agape Love calls us to forgive just as Jesus forgave those who "killed" Him. Do you need to forgive anyone so that His Kingdom of peace and Love will fill us and the earth? I am trying to do this daily as an act of praying without ceasing. Dave I agree that we all need a Kingdom perspective in all we say and do. Thank you all for your courage and obedience to His will. I pray that we will be blinded to the things of the world and given new spiritual vision as was promised in John 9:39.

  • Comment Link Jim Bradshaw Sunday, 13 February 2011 14:31 posted by Jim Bradshaw

    This Apostolic Church is the Church Jesus is building, and always has been building. It is the religious tendencies of man that has dropped the revelation of Jesus given to the Apostles concerning His Kingdom and Church, becoming what we too often see as a form of godliness but denying its power. God demands repentance from our self-sufficiencies and blinded understanding within church as we have known it. He calls us out to be the Church Jesus is building, to be the holy nation that disciples the nations of the earth!

  • Comment Link Tony L Smirh Thursday, 10 February 2011 02:28 posted by Tony L Smirh

    Wow, this so goes against traditional American Christianity.
    They would say you are describing the anti-christ one world goverment.

    The traditional way of thinking left me thinking we try to fix a ship that going to sink anyway.

    Thank God for the reformers, which are the revolutionaries of our day.
    Even so come Lord Jesus

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