Prophetic Writings

By Jim Bradshaw

  1. No longer will the church of the future and the church of the City be known by its denominational names, but by its influence in a region.  In other words, when asking the question, “How is the Church in this City?” it will not be answered in terms of worship attendance and offerings and programs and buildings.  Rather, it will be answered by the influence the Church has on the realms of media, arts and entertainment, government, business, family, education and religious philosophy in a given region or area.
  2.

By Apostle Dave

This year of 2010 will be marked as: "DOUBLE TIME"
There will be an acceleration of anointing released on His ministers and a greater release of signs and wonders to set His church as His church on the earth and in the world. There will be a double portion of blessing as 2010 will be known as the year of the Apostolic release in various arenas in the world, from finances to politics.


By Prophet Deborah

On the 29th of March 2008 we had our first Prophetic Press Conference, which was the release of ‘God’s World Plan’ which God had shown Deborah. It was a great success and led to the sharing of the same with a number of ministers in Durban City the following weekend.



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