"We have just recently returned from the beautiful islands of Sao Tome where God again showed Himself faithful in fulfilling that which He has already spoken. We have great testimonies coming out of our trip and look forward to what God is busy orchestrating concerning His plan. We thank the team and company who continued to uphold us in prayer and stood strong and attentive in hearing what Holy Spirit was busy saying.

Sao Tome is an island off the west of Africa right underneath Nigeria, it is a sister island to Principe, and they are known as the Portuguese Islands. God spoke concerning the Islands of Sao Tome, when i was in the coma for 40 days from a near fatal accident that I had 3 years ago, and revealed some things concerning the land and government. We understand as Kingdom Ambassadors that we need to begin to execute these revealed plans. So 3 years later, as we entered the islands, we are now seeing the unfolding and unveiling of Gods words in an awesome way.




















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