An appointment with the King

An appointment with the King
but my clothes seem stained
I'm weary to enter in
until nothing of me remains


But with a blood covered cloak this man approached
He used His bloody cloak
to cover me head to toe
"Tetelesti, my son", He cried
"It was for you I died
Now go and meet your King,
surely you will not be denied"

So I left on my journey to reach this proclaimed Kingdom
they said if knock the doors will be opened.
"I've come to meet with the King.
This blood that covers me is the same that dealt with sin"
In response I heard a voice beckon from the throne,
"my son whom I knew before time, called my own...

Humbly I bowed, for at His presence I could not stand
there was fire in His eyes and a sceptor in His hand
As I knelt at His feet He extended His right hand
and with a rumbling in the courts He began to issue out His command
His voice was rushing, His voice was fierce
it caused the ground to shake
and my heart was violently pierced.

And this is what I heard.....

"You are a crowned executive
with comand to go and give
the instruction I demand is you love at every turn.
Let the foundation of My word be a fire that will always burn.
Deep calls out to you.
Prophetic proclamation and praise is what you do.
Preach "REPENT"; a change and a turning
for creation is yearning.
Time to be SENT.
Now when you go, be bold, hold no compromise
stay steadfast and focused and don't believe the lies.
I have a promise and a word that must reach the earth;
a divinely designed decree that others might know and see.

Tell all men this one thing
that they too have an APPOINTMENT WIHT THEIR KING.




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