2012 Declaration - JJ Viljoen

By the divine design of Gods seed
the lineage of David a king would proceed
Upon His shoulders rests governmental cause.
A mantle of holiness that He would rule over all.
The earth is the Lord's the fullness thereof
and to His kingdom there shall be no end!
We declare praise and power blessing and honor
to this righteous God of Abraham
His name full of honor is the Great IAM.

This year 2012 downloads on their way
as we tap into His unfathomable riches made available for this day
He releases wisdom and knowledge the earth searches no longer
the answer is in these sons who submit to his order
This time of election as the world makes their selection
we don't wait for the end of the year
God is speaking now to those who have an ear
For none sits in government lest it be adhered to by the King
He is administrating His judgement from the seat which He sits in.
God has a world view there is a world plan in place,
this agenda He orders is one of governmental grace.
Ambassadors must find the place of cohesiveness
the apostolate of these times to administer His righteousness
submit themselves to one another
that the voice of God would be heard a little louder.
His name is Word of God its written upon his thigh
out of His voice utters a commandering chief cry .
Kingdom purpose kingdom mandate
to a world and church which has become apostate.
speaking regarding present truth He is calling for one voice to arise
This synergy is found at the altar of personal sacrifice
The release of My administration is built upon a revelation and upon this rock I myself build
and with power My church is filled
against this church the gates of hell will not prevail
she can and will not fail
every knee will bow and hale that I am king of kings,
I release my decrees upon those on blended knee
in the brokenness of My body
To those writing history
The revealing of the mystery
Its through you I release my glory.
This is supernatural
something's becoming tangible
Taste and see this divine design
Unfolding, inravelling 2012. Arise and shine

Acts 1:15



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