By Paul Graves

2012 will be a year of activation for the purpose of manifestation, as 2011 required the body of Christ to get ready, get ready, get ready thus rightly aligning ourselves with God’s will, ways and His word. Many found their placement within His body as they allowed the justice and righteousness of God to govern their decisions concerning change through being obedient to have an ear to hear what the spirit was saying then a courageous heart to respond. Right alignment in our individual relationship with the Father, right alignment within our natural family and right alignment within our spiritual house. The pain of right alignment was not without purpose, proper placement in the lives of many has now afforded us a God opportunity through covenant to boldly step into 2012 and Yaresh the Land.
2012 will be the year of activation for the purpose of manifestation, a year for executing the righteous judgments of God. In this year, we can no longer be afraid to be, we must release His glory if we want to see His glory. In this New Year, actions must speak louder than words! They will know us by our fruit (Love), though how will they know, if we fail to go?



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