In this teaching we are going to deal with two things: "fear not” and "faith that moves mountains".

These things are applicable in everyone's live. It doesn't matter where we come from; we are all going through it someway, somehow and with someone. Do not fear! The bible is very clear on saying: "fear not!” When fear knocks on your door, let faith answer and you will find that there is nobody there. Fear not! That is what the Lord says: "FEAR NOT!" Do not be afraid. We must understand that fear and the fear of the Lord are two different things. We are not talking now about the fear of the Lord, but  we are talking about fear that comes to manipulate and control. This fear comes to suck the very life of God, the purpose God and destiny of God out of you. It comes to take charge of your mental capacity, to take charge of your thoughts and imagination and make them "junkified." There is no such thing as healthy fear. Some people will tell you that being afraid of bees is a healthy fear. Nonsense, there is no such thing as a healthy fear. Fear comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. It is the "faith" of the devil. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. Fear is his manipulating tool.
Don't allow circumstances, situations and the works of the enemy to come manipulate and control you or your family. Husbands must understand their placement. They are the high-priest of their homes. They have the power to forgive sin as Christ's representative. We must understand our placement in God. If you don't understand your placement, you can never fulfill your purpose. Purpose is hinged on your understanding of placement. To understand placement is one of the criteria's in present day church. One's placement must be clearly understood, which means that you know whose you are and to whom you belong, then your purpose can be accomplished. Purpose doesn't necessarily get clear when you have placement, but purpose now can be accomplished because you understand placement. That is why Paul says: "I know whose I am and to whom I belong." What a powerful statement.

Psalm 27:1-6 (NASV) This scripture carries a lot of powerful information. It talks about the fear of God and to be in awe of Him. But it also speaks clearly about not letting circumstances, situations and fear prevail against you. One thing that I want to point out is verse 2: "When evildoers came upon me to devour my flesh, My adversaries and my enemies, they stumbled and fell'. Verse 3 says: "Though a host encamp against me, My heart will not fear; Though war arise against me, In spite of this I shall be confident." In the midst of conflict I will be confident! I will be confident of this very thing that He who began a good work in me will accomplish it and fulfill it on my behalf. I am going to find the secret dwelling place in His tabernacle. In one of our newest books "There is a place near to the heart of God” it talks about this more elaborately. There is a place in Him where we find ourselves in Him. It is in His tabernacle, where no evil will before us. You can be confident in the very midst of you enemies. This is also what Psalm 23 is telling us. He says: "I am going to set a table before you in the midst of your enemies." In other words, when you are surrounded by enemies, surrounded by circumstances and evil things, you are going to be confident to eat a meal with Him.
Psalm 118:6-9 (NASV) verse 7 "The Lord is for me among those who help me;” In other words, Jehovah is working with those that are helping me. That means that those that are helping me are working with Jehovah. So when you find Jehovah working, He is finding people to work with Him. When people are helping you, guess why: they are working with Jehovah on your behalf. Both Psalm 27 and Psalm 118 are speaking of being confident. It tells us to be confident in the midst of conflict. That is what faith is. Faith is your confidence in God's ability. So I ask you; is God able to save? YES! We are confident of this that He will save us. So then, is God able to deliver? YES! We are confident that God will deliver us. Well, is God able to heal? YES! We are confident in His ability to heal us. An example of this could be picking up a table with someone. You need to be confident in a person’s ability to pick the table up with you. You are not going to ask a two year old toddler to pick the table up with you. This is what faith is, it is you confidence in God's ability. Can God do this? Is He strong enough? Is He able? If you can say "yes" to these questions, then you can have confidence in His ability. Our faith is not in man, it is not in princes or governments. Our confidence is in God. Your confidence must be in Him and His ability to do what He has promised. 
That's why it is so vital to grab hold of the word, and to let the word continually wash you. The Bible says that we need to be renewed in the spirit of our mind by the word. Don't be conformed to the world but be transformed the renewing (continual washing) of your mind. Be renewed in the spirit of your mind, so that you can be confident in what He has promised. What ever He promises, He is able to keep. So when you are going through a difficult time, guess what you need to put in your head and in your mouth? You have to put His word in your mind and in your mouth, so that you don't speak your own words but His word. We have to speak His word, this is what kingdom perspective is all about. 
The kingdom perspective says it is not the mountain that I am going to climb, but it is the prize on the mountain that my eyes are fixed on. That is what motivates me. The mountain wears you down, but the prize of coming into His perspective is what motivates you. Your perspective on the top of the mountain is very different from your perspective at the bottom of the mountain. From the bottom we see mountains on the left and on the right. When we look up we see mountains and when we look down we see mountains. It is insurmountable. But when we start ascending, our whole perspective is changing. That's why we have to understand the power of His ascension. It was not enough that Jesus died and rose. The real power is in His ascension, when He finished the work and was crowned as King of Glory.

As mentioned earlier, there are two things we want to touch on in this teaching. Number one is "fear not!” and number two is that we must have mountain moving faith. Jesus say that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed and you say to this mountain: "be plucked up and cast into the sea”, it shall obey you! When shall it obey you? When you believe it in your heart and you say it with your mouth, you will receive what you believe and say. Some of us have what we say. The situation of some of us is exactly what we have said. That is why kingdom perspective says: "put the word in you mouth." What word is that? It is the word of FAITH. Don't speak what you feel, because your feeling will lie to you. Your feelings will steal from you and will distract you from what is right. We don't speak our feeling, but we speak our faith, that which we are believing for. We speak what God has said concerning the situation.
Romans 14:17 This scripture talks about Christians who have a kingdom theology, kingdom Christology and kingdom eschatology. Someone who has come to the top of the mountain, who has met with God and is looking from that perspective at his life and destiny. Don't look at your life and destiny from your earth bound suite, but look at them from the top of the mountain where His presence is. Now all of a sudden you can see the end of your destiny and you can call it forth. Verse 17 tell us that the kingdom of God is not natural but SUPERnatural. The kingdom of God is spiritual and does not consist of food and drink. But it does consist of the SUPER that has come into the realm of the natural. It consists of righteousness. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. You are a brand new creation. That's the kingdom of God. We have to make it practical. It is the SUPER that becomes evidence in the natural.
So the kingdom of God is righteousness, which is right standing before God. The fact is that you can not be righteous in yourself, but your righteousness is from Him who has cleansed you, redeemed you and called you by name.  The truth is that He has MADE you righteous. You have not just become righteous, but you have been MADE the righteousness in Christ, by Christ and through Christ. So the kingdom of God is the evidence in the natural through our understanding that we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. You are a brand new creation, a new species. You still eat and drink to keep the natural man alive, but you eat from the Bread of Life to feed your spirit man. When the disciples asked Jesus: "are you not hungry?”, He replied: "I eat of bread that you know nothing about yet." They didn't know anything about it because righteousness was not yet revealed. It was revealed through Christ. He became our righteousness because there was no other way man could become righteous. Until then sin was always being covered but never dealt with. But once Christ came, sin was dealt with once and forever and right-standing like with the first Adam came into being. In the first Adam we died, in the last Adam righteousness became available to us. So Jesus says to his disciples: "I eat of bread that you know nothing about yet." The bread He was talking about was His right-standing before God and the fact that He was not condemned. When you get a kingdom perspective and when you have met with Him on the mountain, you will come out of that experience having been made righteous so that you can stand before Him like the fist Adam could before the fall. And that means that God then chooses to come and walk with you and to talk with you. We are still living in such a subnormal christian culture, a religious culture in which we are still trying to please God. Most of us don't know that we have a relationship with Him. We tend to forget that we have this wonderful right and privilege to come boldly into His presence because we are righteous.
The kingdom of God is not meat and drink but righteousness and peace. He says "I am giving you peace. Not like the world gives it to you." The world's peace is tranquility. It says: "everything just calm, nice and quite.” That's not peace! The peace of God says: "in the midst of turmoil I am confident, in the midst of accusations I am confident, in the midst of conflict I am confident." I am at peace that He who has begun a good work in me, will complete it and finish it in my life. It was bad news when Goliath roared from the mountain. It was really bad news. But we can be confident and be at peace with God. Psalm 27 says that when you have this kind of confidence in God, you will find favor with man. If you want to find favor with man and if you want people to help you, then walk in the peace of God. Walk in the confidence of knowing in whom you believe. Being persuaded and confident that no evil will stand before you.
The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy. Talking about confidence! You are full of joy! The exuberant life, the Zoe life of God fills you because of Holy Spirit. Because you have been made righteous and you are at peace with God and you have dealt with what ever else is around you. Now, the joy of the Lord is your strength. The SUPERnatural manifestation of the kingdom of God in our lives and through our lives is seen in the fact that we are righteous before God, that we are at peace in what ever circumstance of situation we find ourselves in and that we have joy, which means that we have been made strong. This means that I will run through a troop, I leap over a wall and that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That's the joy of the Holy Spirit. In other words, the results of kingdom manifestation in your life brings the SUPERnatural, the superior-realms into operation through the natural realm. And we walk with our heads held high, we walk at peace because we have learned to be forgiven and to forgive and we walk in the joy which is the strength of the Lord because of the confession of God in my mouth. In verse 18 is says: "For he who in this way serves Christ is acceptable to God and approved by men." A person who is living by righteousness, peace and joy is pleasing to God and approved by men. In other words, they like you! They like people that walk in righteousness, and are at peace and walk in the joy which is the strength of God. And verse 10 says: "let us then keep pursuing those things that bring peace and that lead to building one another up." We must put in our mouth righteousness, peace and joy. We must put in our actions righteousness, peace and joy. And in our spiritual exercise we must have righteousness, peace and joy. This means that when you come into someone’s environment, they will feel like everything is going to be OK and that they can be at peace because you are here. When you as God’s ambassador walk in the realm of an individual that is feeling the pressure of life on them, you need to bring them the presence of God that makes them feel like everything is going to be alright. We must put the demand on ourselves. Is this what someone feels when they are going through a hard and difficult time and you step into the room? Do they feel like everything is going to be alright now because the man of God is here? Do they feel the righteousness and peace of Christ on our lives? Because that is what they should feel. We are the carriers of righteousness, peace and the strength of the joy in the Holy Ghost.

In the lives of the disciples we find four particular points of fear. The first point we find is in the boat (Matt.8:23-27). In this boat situation the storm arises, the boat begins to rock and the waves come clashing in. It was a real experience in life. The circumstances and situations were natural, they were experiencing a natural catastrophe. There was a great pressure on them naturally through the winds, the waves and the velocity of the storm. For them there was a real threat of  loss of life. They thought: "we could die here!" We must understand that people are facing that feeling everyday. There are people that live in certain areas of the world that are fearful that someone will come breaking through their door. People that live in a conflict situation where circumstances and situations are so fierce that they are constantly threatened by death. Fear had gripped the hearts of the disciples (Matt.8:23-27). This was real fear, a natural fear. It was a fierce storm. Most of us have heard of people drowning and when a situation like this comes in your life, you will think in that situation: "this can happen to me as well!” Of course we can also draw the allegories with this storm. For example it could be a storm of finance. People can drown financially, you hear it all the time. In other words, you can die financially. In verse 27 it says that the men were amazed and said: "what kind of man is this that even the winds and the waves obey him!" When I am talking about us walking in the natural with SUPERnatural kingdom perspective, with righteousness, peace and joy, I am saying you are that man. He has called you to be that man that says to the waves "be still", who says to the wind "hush down" and who says to the people "peace be still." "These waves, this storm will not overwhelm you, peace be still." I want to say to you as God’s representative that whatever storm you are in right at this moment, if it is a physical storm or a financial storm, be still and be at peace. Don’t be afraid! The same Jesus that was in the boat with the disciples is risen and ascended on high. And by doing that He has made His presence known to us. He says "peace don’t be afraid. Why are you afraid of this storm? I have the power to speak to the winds and the waves and they will obey me." This is what He speaks into your situation, believe God because He is in the boat with you. This is why our kingdom Christology must be made clear. Christ is with you in your boat, He is right there. He is living inside you! Christ in you is your hope of His manifestation, His glory. Christ in you is your hope of righteousness, peace and the strength of joy. This is what stills storms and quiets situations.

The second place where we find a storm of fear in the lives of the disciples was when they were in the garden. They had just been in the upper room, and Judas had already left to carry out his mission and to do what he had to do. They were in the garden and the priests had sent the soldiers to the garden. In the garden the disciples had a moment where they felt that everything around them was peace, Judas the betrayer had left and they were with Jesus feeling secure and save. They had just partaken of the Lord’s supper, even though they didn’t understand all of it, there hearts burned on the inside when Jesus spoke. They felt this calm confidence that everything was going to be alright. All of a sudden that peaceful garden was invaded. That garden of peace and tranquility was invaded by soldiers. In our today's society our peaceful garden can easily be invaded by politics that is unrighteous and can turn a whole nation in turmoil. I don’t want to prophecy this, but I just want to awaken you that we are not far from this in America. Politics and policy can quickly ruffle our peaceful garden. Thank God that we are living in a wonderful democracy, but I want to say that a democracy is still fallible. And in our wonderful peaceful democracy, when the pressure is getting too hard, people can respond very differently then how we see them respond today. Our peaceful garden can quickly change in a turmoil situation. Then where are the righteous going to be found? Where are those who walk in the peace of God going to be found? We need to be operating in the righteousness, peace and joy of the Holy Spirit. The police is an other example of something that can quickly ruffle our peaceful garden. If you are sitting in your living room and suddenly you see a blue light flashing and you hear banging on your door, then your peaceful environment will be very quickly changed. Authority can quickly ruffle our peaceful existence. Attack from authority that brings fear for our lives can ruffle our peaceful tranquility. So here are the disciples in the garden with Jesus thinking everything is going to be alright, they are in a peaceful environment. It looks like tomorrow is going to be a wonderful promise and all of a sudden the soldiers appear.
John 18:1-11 in verse 4 Jesus asks: “who is it that you are looking for?” Jesus stepped forward and operated in righteousness, peace and joy. He knew what was going to happen. When Jesus said: "I am He”, the soldiers drew back and fell to the ground. Jesus was exuding righteous, peace and joy which was His strength. He was in the kingdom! He was manifesting kingdom authority. He said: "Who are you looking for?” Jesus of Nazareth they said. He says: "I am He” and when he said that, they backed away and fell to the ground. Now, who is Lord of lords? And who is King of kings? Don’t you know that you are the righteousness of God. When trouble comes, when the storm rises up, when accusation comes, bad words, bad diagnosis, you can say: "I am he. I am the righteousness of God in Christ." Jesus was at peace with His placement, His purpose, with who He was and to whom He belonged.  The joy of the Lord was His strength.
Then Simon Peter, who was not walking in righteousness, peace and joy and who had not yet experienced the kingdom perspective, drew his sword and struck the high priest’s servant, cutting off his right ear. I don’t know what you think, but I don’t think he was aiming for the ear. If he was, then he was a very good swordsman. Jesus commanded Peter to put his sword away and said: "Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?” Wow! What would be your reaction when your peaceful garden was being disrupted like that by authorities. They were unjustly making accusations against Jesus. When you are the innocent one and they just barged into your place of peace because of the authority they carry, are you then the righteousness, peace and joy of the Holy Ghost? Or are you going to react just like Peter who had not yet experienced the kingdom perspective? Peter was looking at the mountain instead of looking from the mountain. The only way he could deal with the mountain was by drawing his sword and fight his way through. Instead of letting the presence of God pick him up and bring him to the peak of the mountain where he could look and say: "this mountain is nothing in comparison to my destiny." It is not by the strength of our arm that we are delivered, but by our confidence in God’s ability. This mountain that is invading your peace realm is nothing into comparison to the length of your life and to where you are going. Don’t let the mountain dictate to you and threaten you. Don’t let the mountain, the obstacle, the accusations, the bad diagnosis consume your everything. Get a kingdom perspective, rise up a little, come to the peak of His presence and see what God still has for you. There is a different perspective when you come to understanding Him and His kingdom. Romans 8:14-16 Don’t you know who you are? You are the righteousness of God in Christ. You live at peace with God because He has forgiven your sin. He has taken away all accusation and He has made for you a purpose to live for.

The third point of fear is when Peter is in the temple courtyard where they held Jesus. All of a sudden Peter looks around him and there is not one friendly face in the crowd. There is only horrible accusation. Matthew 26:69 One of the people there says to Peter: "obviously you are one of them because you accent gives you away." The same is still true today, it may be not our accent that gives us away but rather our terminology. Today people could say to you: "you are one of those kingdom people! Aren’t you? You are one of those people that is not looking for a way out, but for a way in." When Peter had denied Jesus he went outside and wept bitterly. I want to say to you that when the pressure is on and the accusations are against you and there is not a friendly face in the crowd, be the righteousness of God. Be at peace with yourself and with Him who made you and let the joy of the Lord be your strength. There are times when we are confronted by harsh words, ugly attitudes and that’s not the time to say "I am not a Christian." That is the time to say all the more: “I know in whom I believe and I am persuaded that He will keep me”. Let your light so shine before men, that their eyes are blinded. When you carry this righteousness, you will please God and men will like you for standing up for something. People will like you for having morality, they like you for the fact that you have something to live for. 1 John 4:17-19 We love because He first loved us. Peter cried bitterly because he forgot that God loved him. Don’t forget how He loves you. He will not abandon you, His word and His promise to you is true. You have got to believe it. Don't just believe the word, but believe God. He will keep you and save you. He will bring you out of the pit and make a way for you where there seems to be no way.

And finally the fourth place where the disciples came to a place of fear, was when they came to the cross. When Jesus had taken that long walk up to Golgotha’s hill. The disciples were following, some of them were very far off. At the cross where the savior dies, where the era comes to an end, the question comes to mind: “where to go from here?” What now? Our leader is gone, the words of wisdom have stopped. What do we do now? Our vision has perished. Where do we go to from now? Many of us come to cross situations, where there is not somebody that can tell us what we must do. God expects us to grow up. He expects us to grow up in righteousness peace and joy and make some quality decisions in the knowledge that He has finished the work. We can be very quick to become depended on leadership and wanting them to tell us what to do, where to do it, how to do it and when to do it. Jesus was expecting His disciples to remember everything He had already told them. Some of us have to remember what we have already been told. All the faith messages you have already heard, recall them, re-live them. Every message on forgiveness, hope and victory, recall them. Go back and read your notes again, read the word again. Don’t wait for somebody to tell you today to get up. We are not children anymore, we are growing up in righteousness, peace and joy and we are maturing. We have got to the place were Moses got to. He got to the point where he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He said: “I am a covenant man and called by God.” You are a covenant man and woman called by God and appointed by God, to win, to succeed, to survive and to overcome. At the cross the disciples came to that question: “where to from here?” It seemed that their vision had disappeared. Luke 23:27 Women were wailing and saying: “what are we going to do now?” The cross is not a beautiful place, it is an ugly place. Everyone of us experiences this cross road sometime, somewhere and with someone. We sometimes come to crossroads and we don’t know which way from here. We want to cry to our heavenly Father: “what must I do?” And He is saying: "make up your mind, choose a course and walk it." He says: “I have already been on this road and I have already overcome this thing.” Now you make a choice and do it by faith! Do it with righteous judgment and with peaceful transition and do it with the joy of the Lord that is you strength. Make a decision, walk it out and make it happen. He says: "Grow up!" When you come to a cross road don’t stand still and cry out: “what must I do?” Do something! Make a decision and trust the Spirit of God that is inside of you, that is what kingdom perspective tells you.
At the crucifixion, one of the criminals hanging there, kept insulting Jesus saying: “You are the Christ aren't you?” “Save yourself and save us!” But the other criminal rebuked him and said: “aren't you afraid of God?” “We have be condemned justly, and we are getting what we deserve for our deeds, but this man has done nothing wrong”. Then he went on to say: “Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom”. And Jesus told him that today he would be with Him in paradise. This man must have understood closely to what Pilot understood, that Jesus had a kingdom. He  might not have been able to see it, but he knew it was real. The kingdom of God is not natural, but it is a spiritual kingdom and we are all in that kingdom with Christ. Living in righteousness, peace and joy, having the confidence that God with us is all that we need.
In Luke 23:46 Jesus cried out with a loud voice saying: “Father in your hands I entrust my spirit”, and after this He breaths his last. When Jesus was at His crossroad, He put his confidence in His Father. We have that right to cry out "Abba Father into your hand I commit myself, I am at rest with you and know that you are doing all things in my live for my good." There might be turmoil, attack, accusations or bad diagnosis, but when I rest in God I know that all things are working together for my good. God is in control! When the centurion saw what had taken place, he praised God and said: “this man certainly was righteous”. If the centurion could see in Jesus' live, that he was able to rest in God, then we can find that rest too. Verse 48 “And all the crowds who came together for this spectacle, when they observed what had happened, began to return, beating their breasts.” They couldn't keep watching it. Verse 50 “And behold, a man named Joseph, who was a counselor, a good and righteous man (he had not consented to their counsel and deed), a man of Arimathaea, a city of the Jews, who was looking for the kingdom of God: this man went to Pilate, and asked for the body of Jesus.” This Joseph was waiting for the kingdom of God and saw it being revealed at that moment. Joseph asks for the body of Jesus and buried him in his own tomb. But Joseph was waiting for the kingdom. When things around you, circumstances, situations are so catastrophic and people turn back because of the spectacle, you have the opportunity to rise up in a righteous manifestation of the kingdom of God is here. In moments like these you have the opportunity to stand up and let the righteousness of God come out of you through peace and joy. Kingdom expectation is kingdom perspective in the midst of turmoil, in the midst of a storm, in the midst of accusation and in the midst of harsh political pressure. In the midst of all these things, let righteousness stand up and let peace and joy be made manifested. That is what God's plan is for your life and that's the faith that moves mountains. This is the faith that is in God and the faith of God. The faith that says "I refuse to back away from this catastrophe and this spectacle. I am going to stand up in righteous indignation and let the peace of God now reign and rule in me and through me." Let the love of God come alive in you. If you have something against your brother, forgive him. If you are carrying resentment or hurt, let go of that, so that righteousness can clothe you. The garments of righteousness don't come on filthy shoulders. Clean off your shoulders from the weight and the things of life that so easily beset you. Clean yourself of  and put on His garments of righteousness. Let Him clothe you and let God come and rule in your heart through his love. Let Christ be crowned king in your life today and let Him find his seat of righteousness in you.


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