Associate of Arts in Ministry and Applied Theology Degree

This school of Ministry follows the example of our Lord Jesus Christ who both demonstrated and taught the Kingdom of God. He continued this ministry through his Apostles and the Church in the power of the Holy Spirit in the first century and still does today; for Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! AWC teaches the rule and reign of Christ Jesus, seated on David’s exalted throne in heaven, and that the Kingdom of God is manifested now through the Church empowered by the Holy Spirit.

The courses are hands on training in both word and deed. Dedicated students will receive Holy Spirit ministry impartation as they diligently apply themselves to the coursework and training. This is not the common school of ministry as seen in most bible schools. The Kingdom courses will challenge every area of religious theology and doctrine that have been taught throughout most Christians experience in their common church life. Students will explore in depth what it means for Christ to be the Supreme Authority in and over their lives. We believe it is vital for the Body of Christ to have such a solid foundation, established on biblical principles and structure. Therefore, the Lordship of Christ is a major emphasis in course teachings. As students begin to understand the Kingdom of God, they will also discover the biblical foundation for Christology (who is Christ) and ecclesiology (what is the Church). In Matthew 16, Peter received the revelation of Christ’s identity which was not revealed by flesh and blood but by the Father in heaven. Jesus responded to Peter saying, upon this rock (the confession of Christ’s identity by the revelation received by Peter) I will build my Church (the called out covenant community of Christ the King) and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

The book of Acts is the establishment of this Kingdom manifestation as Jesus builds His Church. The records found in Acts also serve as examples to study and principles to apply as we strive faithfully to demonstrate the Kingdom of God. Jesus is still building His Church, and it is our responsibility to understand and follow the pattern and maintain the foundation upon which He builds. The church as we know it has to change in order for us to be the full manifestation of His government restored back to the earth. Re-ordering, re-constituting and re-defining our terminology concerning the Church is necessary through an apostolic reformation. The International Apostolic School of Ministry offers this accredited Associate in Ministry and Applied Theology degree through the credentials of The International College of Bible Theology.


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