by JJ Viljoen

We are about to bring it !!!
When all tribes collide, its time you betta recognize,
cuz from the throne will come a sound ushering forth his own.
Its time to demonstrate, originate and perpetuate

Are you ready to cooperate, for His Kingdom sake
Im talking earthquake, as mentallity begins to shake
This company is going to regenerate, inflitrate, proliferate and recombinate
the DNA of the saints
We aint fake, we stand under a true name, with one fate,
marching forth as a true apostolate.

Warfare is in our blood, worship is our life
When sound and sword collide lightening begins to strike
Like Jehu we ride; furious in our stride
Fire in our eyes and soldiers side by side
Its time... Y'all ready for this

Are you ready to rumble haha
we are humble, we dont crumble
we speak of wonders, were coming out from under,
the season of sleep assunder,This army marches with a sound of thunder

His Kingdom has come,
its time to bow down and kiss the son
Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin!
You have been weighed and measured and found wanting!!

The Kingom runs through our veins, His love is unexplained
Like fire it burns as flames, this army shall not be tamed
Freedom from ashes and chains, loose this nation in Jesus name!
A battle won we shall contain, heaven on earth, He rules and reigns!

2011 stands before us, and empty canvas
lets select our colours right in order to makes this picture bright

Establishing equity for capacity, inheritance handed down to me
there is sucession, for this global occupation, brining order for the purpose
of Kingdom execution
This Kairos time is just His WILL of Genesis continuation,
the plan always was to produce a HOLY NATION

No longer a denomination of congrgation full of consumers
but a royal priesthood, holy nation, an army who produces

There is a build of power and capacity on the ocean bed full of tenacity.
The purpose of impact, as His plan, His word, His remnant, is in tact
The time it takes to procure the force, is coming to a head as we bust through the doors

Kingdom Administration.. Embassy... and Holy Nation
Divine Order... Godly Government... for Global Occupation
A Mission and a Mandate.. Fathers Sons and Succession

...These words blow my mind and its only the foundation
GOD     GIVE     ME    A     REVELATION...


JJ Viljoen with help from Gabrielle Hadley



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