We are certainly in a reformation greater than that of Martin Luther, as we step into this 21st century Church we must be sure to awaken the first century Church's model. When we look at the first century Church it was an apostolic power house.

Out of Acts chapter 11, the first century Church went beyond community into city and country communicating the gospel of the Kingdom. We must now press to know the progressive truth of God; building people apostolically to take cities and be empowered. As leaders, as the first century Church was, we must be able to perceive the time and seasons of God. Leadership must have prophetic perception for the future and an apostolic understanding of how to achieve this. 

We must move in the power and the time of God; it is all about “HIS AGENDA”. When we look at the characteristic of this people that were called Christians in the first century, that were empowered to take cities and turn nations; they were a people that were Spirit sensitive, Spirit lead and Spirit empowered.

Are we that people today?




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