By Apostle Dave

Ask a hundred people to give their understanding
 of the word “church,”and they will probably give about a hundred different meanings. While all of their definitions might be accurate in one sense, taken together, they skew the original meaning of the Greek word, “Ekklesia,” from which the word “church” originated. The first usage of “Ekklesia” was in reference to any Greek community coming together to sit in judgment or to establish statutes, ordinances, or laws that became binding on all persons within the boundaries of the authority of that “Ekklesia.

Therefore, when Christ said that He would build His “Ekklesia,” those present knew that Christ was declaring that He would establish and build a people whose first responsibility would be to judge—to set things in order. The failure to understand “church” in its original meaning, continues to hinder the church in its divine purpose. Church as it is understood today, pretty much means that everyone can do what he wants to do, so long as each one professes to love Christ. There will be no expression of divine order until we let the church be the “Ekklesia” of Christ.

About “Apostolic Working Company”
There are many things about AWC which cause us to “stand out from the crowd,” so to speak. One is that we believe in and accept the actuality of present-day apostles and prophets. We base this belief on Scripture (I Corinthians 12:28 and Ephesians 4:11), which supports the validity of the five-fold ministry: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Apostle Dave has led this Ekklesia through many changes since he and his family came here in 1992. In addition to the ministry here in the USA, we are involved in the training and establishing of other men in the ministry, both in the U.S. and in other countries, presently giving apostolic oversight to many men and the ministries they have raised up. AWC has a clear Mandate Vision and Mission and that is to establish Divine Order and Godly Government, and to build a base from which to touch the world. It is in the heart of those who are joined here to see that vision fulfilled! If you are interested in receiving additional information about AWC, give us a call or send an e-mail.

Music in "Apostolic Working Company"

Think about the power of music and its ability to find its way into people and places that we might think are beyond the reach of Christ. Sometimes the greatest sermons seem to be Teflon-coated and just slip through the minds of those who hear, but a song–a song with the right melody–has a hook. That song with its message, with the power to probe the deepest recesses of the human spirit, gets snagged in the subconscious, and when the person thinks it safe to come out again, all of a sudden, there it is–melody and message, asking the hard questions.
Most sermons have an expiration date, but songs–they live on and on to speak to generations not born.
We believe that the music we produce in this house is the result of our hearing and obeying Holy Spirit’s voice, and the dominant theme of our music and our preaching is the Kingdom. The challenge that we continually deal with is how do we model the Kingdom in the midst of a Babylon world?
Whether it be hymns, gospel songs, or southern gospel, it seems that the only issues church music has been able to address are the two terminals of the Believer’s life—the beginning and the ending. The message of almost all church sanctioned music says: “It was wonderful when I got saved and it will be wonderful when I get to heaven,” but it is strangely silent about life in between those two points.
Years ago, believing that Christ was serious when He instructed that prayer be made that God’s Kingdom come and His will be done on earth, Apostle Dave began lobbying for change— a change that would focus on the importance of living out Kingdom life, by the power of Holy Spirit’s indwelling presence, in between the terminals of birth and death.
In order for this change to be experienced, a radical change had to be made in both our music and our preaching. For this change to become a reality, we recognized that we must look to new leadership in these, the two most influential factors in the living of church people. No one has yet found a way to put new wine into old wine skins successfully. Having a strong desire to be one whose preaching would bring a change, and having no desire to leave here, we asked Holy Spirit to make us into a new wine skin and a dispenser of new wine, and this He has done.
Apostle Dave further asked Holy Spirit to give us writers, musicians, and singers who would create music that would adequately address the issue of Kingdom living—here and now. He has done this.

These are words from a song by Joshua Viljoen (songwriter)

Your Kingdom is here
Your Kingdom is now
This generation will raise its sound
We’re conquering kings
Taking a stand
Wielding a sword in both of our hands
We’re an army going to war
Stronger than we’ve ever been before
We are sons carrying His name
In our blood, we have Godly DNA

An another example is a song by Jacqueline Viljoen called “ Messiah’s day”

For such a time as this
We were created to rule and reign with Him
For such a time as this
Creation yearns to see his sons arise
For such a time as this
Destiny and power in our hands
For such a time as this
For such a time as this
We are living in Messiah’s Day
A day that David longed to see
We are living in Messiah’s day
Oh what a day, the day of the Lord
Completion Fulfillment
Made whole by the finished work of God



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