By Prophet Deborah

On the 29th of March 2008 we had our first Prophetic Press Conference, which was the release of ‘God’s World Plan’ which God had shown Deborah. It was a great success and led to the sharing of the same with a number of ministers in Durban City the following weekend.

AWC, Apostolic Working Company is our description not our name, we are part of the Church under the Name of Christ Jesus, and we are a working company of apostolic people as we move through and affect the earth. 
The acronym is a reminder; it is a plumb line by which to measure each of our activities for the kingdom, the working, active involvement with the church and in the Kingdom. 
Our salvation was not intended for our personal access to heaven but rather for our functional service on earth as a working part of the kingdom. 
It is not sufficient to only live our life for personal gain, even if it is spiritual, but rather to lay down our lives for the sake of the Kingdom. 
We have so often thought that this means to die a martyr if necessary but it is rather to live for God’s purpose and that is the purpose of the bigger picture which is the Kingdom, the administration of God’s divine order and Godly government n the earth. 
Daily we are to make an impact for Christ and this is the act of worship. Worship is more than singing and is far greater than any worship team that practices on Thursday and sings on Sunday. It is more than hands lifted in the presence of other saints and in an atmosphere created by music or enticing words, but rather a life of constant service to Christ and His word, and therefore to one another.


The inevitable temptation of everyday life and the seductions it has for personal gain, achievement and asset collections are so easy to succumb to. I know what it means to want to give my children a tangible inheritance of assets and education, but the greatest inheritance that I can offer them is the one they can receive through watching my service to my Lord. It is when they see consistency, faithfulness, temperance and strength toward the Lord and His purposes in the earth, and they are compelled to live righteously affecting the earth that I have succeeded in giving them an inheritance. So do not get so caught up in attaining assets that you neglect to impact the earth with Kingdom daily.

Both Abraham and Lot were righteous men, however only Abraham was a friend of God, because God was prepared to negotiate with him about His plans. The song is sung so often now, and the lyrics are great as is the melody, “I am a friend of God”, but can we all sing it? Are we all the friends of God or are we righteous like Lot going about daily affairs in the city? Are you listening for the Father’s instruction on behalf His plan in the earth? Can God trust you with His plan and its workings so as to negotiate with you? 
It means more to God that we desire to please Him, than our words that are directed toward Him, that say we are pleased with Him! Yet the latter is what we have called worship. Remember that worship is intimacy with God, by which we become impregnated with HIS PURPOSE so that we might birth HIS PURPOSE in the earth, not OUR PURPOSE. We have wanted to know what God’s will is for our life, rather than wanting to know what His purpose is in the earth and then being prepared to do whatever it takes to fulfil that purpose. 
This might appear as a subtle difference but actually, in its out workings, it is a great difference. We have been SO MISTAKEN about the will of God. We tend to bring everything into the personal instead of into the bigger picture which is Holy Nation, it is Kingdom.

Although we need to know who we are and why we exist, it is still all about synergy, which is the principle that “the part is a part of the whole, and the whole is made of many parts”. The part has no purpose except for its part in the whole. 
Let’s use a car as an example; it is assembled with many working parts e.g. gear box, made up of many other working parts, e.g. cogs etc., again each part making up a whole, which is a part of the greater WHOLE. As functional as a gear box might be it is useless unless it works a whole. No matter how beautiful the decoration of the container the gear box lies in, to the Mechanic or Car owner it is most beautiful when it is working, functioning!

We are honoured to be working with you in the Kingdom of our King Jesus Christ, and strongly acknowledge our need of you! Because of all our service to the King, and because all of our eyes and ears are toward the same purpose, we are undivided and strong!
 Remember the issue is that we are not to be seeking God’s will for our lives only but rather when we have sought the will of God in the earth, or have sought to have God’s world view. The emphases is on how we should desperately seek the plan of God in the earth and then do whatever is needed or whatever it takes to see that plan accomplished. This would constitute obedience!

Like Jeremiah we should eagerly desire to be God’s friend, one with whom He would share His plans and strategies for the earth. Jeremiah constantly warned Joachim, the apostate Judean king of Israel, that if he did not repent and turn from their wicked ways that the remnant of Israel would once again be taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon. Jeremiah was living in Jerusalem at the time. God then spoke to him and told him to buy his uncles land in Hananeel, which was the right of his inheritance, which he obediently did. This land was thirty miles north of Jerusalem. So when Joakin, son of Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem and took all the wealthy and able Israelites as captives into Bablyon and left the rest in Jerusalem as slaves, Jeremiah escaped captivity and went into lamentations over God’s people who were in captivity in Babylon. I believe that his obedience was part of the reason that Ezekiel, who was only twenty five at the time of captivity and did not yet qualify for priesthood and so was a street evangelist, became and intercessor for Israel; as did Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and Daniel who all lived in Babylon during the captivity. 
Jeremiah was a friend of God who affected history. One who through intercession on behalf of the people can change the heart of God toward a nation?

After all has He not told us in the New Covenant that He has given us the keys of the kingdom and whatever we bound on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever we loose in heaven shall be loosed upon the earth? 
Every significant character mentioned in the bible changed and/or challenged nations and kings. The all had view of the ‘bigger picture’, they were Godly men without selfish motive, mature and eagerly after the heart of God; Men and woman alike in the service of their King, true ambassadors of righteousness and truth, willing to pay whatever price for the sake of the King and His Kingdom.
For the sake of the gospel “I will become abased/foolish” I would do what confounds the wise for it is with such fear and trembling that I walk before the Most Holy, in this sacred place there is no place for selfishness, or even self focus, only introspection. 
I grieve in my spirit as I watch those that call themselves the church of Jesus Christ, wallow in offense and self pity, constantly demanding attention. Babies who call General’s back from the front line to take care of the nursery. 

Imagine living in the days of the apostles, no cell phones or internet, months without communication except for the message scribed on parchment and carried miles on a donkey that would perhaps reach their destination, how would the church today handle the lack of attention from the apostles? 
Those dead in Christ, resurrected in Him, in other words the only life they have is found IN CHRIST no how to continue the mission even if they are the only soldier survivor out of a whole squadron. 
Preaching and proclaiming with no advertising or radio announcement, but covenanted deep in a singular cause continuing in the straight trusting that their counterpart wherever they might be, were also being faithful to do their part in affecting God’s world plan. Perhaps there is still a remnant a people that are sold out to their God, going wherever, whenever for whatever reason the king so desires in contrast to those that are calling the King to meet their desires and their “God’s will”. In an address to this remnant, we have a work to do, a mission to accomplish and a King to Honour! We are to come together, first in Spirit, with one for all and all for one. Unified by the race that is set before us and not by personality. Like horseman chomping at the bit to charge forward at the Masters command, constantly listening with ear to the ground for the strategy of our King for His earth.

A revelation for me was the realization of how the Islam is not looking for a Holy Nation but a Holy World!  They are not stopping a one godly nation but pushing to take occupation of the whole world.

God’s Whole Plan

Firstly we are to separate ourselves to hear and see God’s Whole plan for the earth. Too often we have micro managed and only concentrated on the will for our little life, or for our local, and there is a method that teaches us to do that. However Kingdom thinking is to know what the design of the whole house looks like, before we start building otherwise the finished product, if it ever gets finished, will have serious design error, also the strong possibility is that when the going gets tough, the lack of vision will cause us to quit.

Ezekiel 43 is a report on the building of the temple and the result of building error caused God to reject the priesthood and look to the sons of Zadok. “You have defiled my temple by the placing of your thresholds next to mine, your pillars next to mine and because you have built a wall that separates me from my people”.

(Please note that if you have read this before April the 9th, we apologize for a misprint which we have now corrected. Thank you for your understanding.)

As an illustration, let me draw a picture. Imagine that we are going to war with England and you are a gunner on a war ship. To know the fact that it is England we are going to war with, would be to know the big plan (This would be like knowing the God’s World Plan). 
Then to know that our side was going to establish a beach head on England’s shores would be the information to the whole army, the force (This would be like God’s instruction to the universal Church, to the body of Christ). 
The our side would send fleets of ships in, some would carry aircraft, some soldiers, some gunners etc. (This would be the working together of covenanted ministries). 
Now you are on the gun ship (Your tribe or ministry of locality). You are a gunner (You have to know your ministry). 
You have to know your cannon (You have to know your call and gifting). 
You have to know your captain or commanders voice (You have to know the voice of God). You have to heed to the instruction, immediately (You have to be immediately, implicitly obedient to His voice). 
You have to trust His voice because you cannot see the enemy and you have to trust the Captains co-ordinates and fire at the right time to hit the target in the distance.

To effectively work your cannon takes knowing the reason and STRATEGY for the war!!
Therefore we have to know what God’s plan is in the whole earth and then how our regiment of the army will play a role in that plan, and then we will know what our place is in the regiment because the whole picture will fit together. When the sergeant has you running for hours, you will not think it is just because he is being mean or not considering you, but rather you will understand that you will need that stamina and discipline in the battle.

So what is God saying?
God does have a world plan and is not ambushed by any of the current events in the world.
As Hillary Clinton ran for office in the US, the eastern sickle was being prepared for the rising that will fall on the America’s and Australasia's to cut the individual stalks of wheat, which is the church. This harvesting is necessary as the heads of wheat are to be crushed for the making of one loaf that will feed the nations. The church in the US needs to be prepared for the unfolding of God’s plan, so that we are not caught praying witchcraft prayers against the workings of Holy Spirit in the nations because we are emotional and territorial. The church/the wheat need to know that the sickle is coming and that God is behind it.

Let me further explain:

Every nation is in God’s plan; all have a role to play, both heathen and righteous

God reigns on the just and the unjust. The Queen of England is the monarch over those British citizens who are on death row and on the British missionary, on the peasant and on the Lords and Ladies, whether any acknowledge her or not the fact that she is the monarch is not altered.  So it is with God all, whether they acknowledge Him or not, are under His monarchy. Some will be punished for their deeds and some will be rewarded but all will stand before the King. However the church does not seem to be able to get their head around the fact that Christ Jesus is currently King, reigning on the just and the unjust, King of kings and Lord of Lords.

If you are only seeing Christ as King over the church, then you will never comprehend the fact that God has and is working out a world plan. If God has a plan for the world then He would surely be looking for a way to share it with His ambassadors who are supposed to be ruling over regions with Divine order and His Godly i.e. righteous government. God wants to address and equip His church, (His prophets, priests and kings) to address kings and governments, just like the men and woman of God in the Old Testament and the church in New Testament.

World map and sickle drawing

The Prophetic Outline of God’s World View (we only know in part)

In 2001 I was in America in a time of intercession when the Lord instructed me to take a map of Africa and drop oil on the West Coast (the Niger Delta region) on the North East and on South Africa, when I did so the oil spread covering the whole continent.

Then God began to show me how he had the shape of a sickle super imposed around the Mediterranean, with the tip of the sickle in Brussels, (the capitol of the European commonwealth nations and UN offices) then rounded around the Mediterranean through Italy, Greece, Persia, Israel (the back of the blade is thicker and sharper) including Afghanistan, Iraq, then down through Sudan and across to the Niger Delta.

The southern tip of the sickle runs through Nigeria, Togo, etc. and the handle comes down through Sao Tome and Principe continuing down through Namibia into South Africa. Of course, as we know, the world oil issues implicate the Niger Delta that includes Sao Tome and Principe.

God then said that He was preparing the Nations!

Then I saw stalks of wheat standing tall in the America’s and Australasia’s and that the sickle will fall on the America’s and Australasia's, and that it would reap the wheat. My first instinct was to believe that it was a harvesting of the lost, but Holy Spirit taught me how the wheat are the sons of the Kingdom (Matt 13:38) and that when the stalks would fall, He would take the heads of wheat, crush them and make them into unleavened bread that would feed the nations.

It was after that 9/11 happened and President Bush went to war with Iraq. Australia and UK joined in. As Hillary Clinton prepared for election, Islam and those at the back of the blade are looking for a "Holy World", "One Nation", and World domination.  Both America and Hillary’s liberality, with abortion, homosexuality, Hollywood etc. etc. is strongly offensive to Islam over; and above that she is a woman and American, she represents everything that they are against.  Even in the current campaigning offensive statements have been made against Islam, implying that all terrorism is Islamic and all of Islam are terrorist;  Islam is paying close attention! As Hillary Clinton ran for office and the political results unfolded so the eastern sickle continued to rise (it has already been initiated in 9/11) and it will ultimately fall......   Remember radical Islam’s intention is to rise to dominate the earth at absolutely whatever cost is necessary!

However in order to move the blade of the sickle God has to use the handle and the handle, which reaches from Niger delta to South Africa, is going to be moved by Mass Mobilization.  Africa’s part in the plan is to mobilize massively.


How does God’s plan work?

How will God mobilize Africa?
He showed me a massive dam wall and everything in front of it was arid and dirty. Then the wall of the dam came down, and when the mass of water hit, it changed the landscape washing into every crevice and cleaning it. Nothing could withstand the volume of the water and it’s intense pressure; it all had to succumb to the flow.
God’s plan is to ‘dam up a people’ and then release them into the continent in one massive force, intercepting every crevice and hiding place of corruption, disease and poverty. Sweeping the continent with a massive cohesive force that cannot be withstood!
However this takes a ‘damming’; it takes a coming together into one mass and leaving behind your origin and identity, and becoming a part of a whole, with a New Identity.


What is God doing with the Church?

God is the master builder and has the plans already drawn up.
Again God is not ambushed with anything that is happening in the church or the world today, or ever for that matter.  He is the designer and the architect and so is orchestrating the nations and His people according to His World Plan. Every significant event and even our every day is orchestrated, strategized by the master. God’s intension is to have all His men and ministries in a filing system or data bank if you will. Every day He is making a withdrawel from that data bank, using a piece of this data with a piece of that data and so on to make up His strategy for that day or aeon of time.

Somewhat like scaffolding, as God slides all the pieces of scaffolding out that are needed for that project, to reach that specific height and width, then He links them all together at strategic corners that can carry the weight of what is about to be done. Of course this is a perfect administration if the data banks are full or if all the scaffoldings for the job are present.  
It necessitates a bank, a togetherness, a storehouse; a DAM. The problem with people hearing this word is that our ears have tuned out unity messages long ago. It has been over preached, misused and unheard for two thousand years. We all know (or do we?) the one body messages yet we are at the exact opposite end of unity of the Body.

Eph 4:16 “from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.”

How explicit could this verse possibly be?
If you are not a part of the one whole you are not a part, you are not. You have no worthy description, because you are dead and functionless.
Unity is not a mass gathering, or mass rally but rather a mass obedience to the GOD’S WORLD PLAN! 
Abraham had everything because he owned nothing. God owned everything Abraham had!! He ‘lived, yet not I for Christ liveth in me!’. The reason the message is unheard, and the reason we are dead and functionless is because we have made both God’s and our existence all about ourselves, our vision, our church, our region. You don’t have a vision, a church, or a region - God does, and you are His. Instead of placing God in your data bank, get in God’s.

There is no plan outside of God's plan!
Throughout time God has always worked with one Holy Nation, that Nation went everywhere together, did everything together, paid for wrongs together and were blessed together. God has not changed His mode of operandum. But worldly issues spin out of control when the data bank for God’s use is empty or weak. Satan does not even have to have us leave ministry to have his way, he just has to keep us busy with our own vision and ministry, to keep us thinking that we can have our own ministry. You don’t have a your own ministry, we are all His ministry.

Imagine a soldier trying to own his own squadron with no higher accountability or responsibility, no other relationship. No matter how strong the steel is that scaffolding is made of, if it is not strategically jointed with several other pieces of scaffolding it will not be able to do its job, it is useless.  Those same joints have to be strategically placed and strong in order to withhold any pressure that the scaffolding will have to hold and any terrain it would have to stand on. The only way to get unity in the church; one vision is to have a God’s world vision, and then all work towards that same plan.

So what can the Church do?
1. It is imperative that we know God’s World Plan so that we can get with the plan.
2. To the church in Africa, we have to massively mobilize!
3. Unify in plan and strategy! (Leave our personal visions) e.g. 5 churches in Hillcrest, 5 different visions and drives, without knowing or caring what the other is
driving toward unless it threatens you. Etc.
4. To convert Govenor’s and leaders impacting our society, by mass mobilization.
5. Invade – infiltrate and influence.
6. To the World Church, the America’s and Australasia’s, don’t pray witchcraft prayers or perform actions against God’s Plan even though it might look like it is
going to hurt your territory.
7. Align yourselves and ‘God’s vision’ for you with the big plan, don’t isolate.
8. We have to look larger, broader and deeper than what we have done.   

God has begun in Africa with Mass evangelism like no other place experiences.
“History’s greatest lesson is that history repeats itself”, if the church was taken captive before, does it not mean that we can be taken captive again? ...let us learn our lesson well!




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