By Apostle Dave

This year of 2010 will be marked as: "DOUBLE TIME"
There will be an acceleration of anointing released on His ministers and a greater release of signs and wonders to set His church as His church on the earth and in the world. There will be a double portion of blessing as 2010 will be known as the year of the Apostolic release in various arenas in the world, from finances to politics.

The apostolic as "Ephraim" carries double blessing. To those related to true Apostolic works there will be a double release of finances and ministry opportunity to influence the world from business to creative ingenious resolves to problems that are beyond natural government institutions. There will be a God portion of financial release to the Body from natural realms to empower them to do the work necessary.

  • Double Anointing
  • Double Blessing
  • Double Finances
  • Double Miracles

Double Increase in every area of life for the sake of the Gospel. 
For all those ready and expectant to receive, they will see an increase in their personal lives to empower and equip them for greater influence in their ministry lives.
 This will mark an entire generation to trust their God for He is well able and willing to do for them what he did in the 1st century church. 
This is the year to bring what you have, little or much and put it into the hands of God for the "double portion" release. This concerns every area of your life not only your finances. 
"Double Time" in 2010 Double, Double, Double, Double. To the measure that you will entrust into the hand of God to that measure He will entrust into your hand. He will Double!



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