By Apostle Dave

Build it right! Building that which will remain! Build it according to pattern! Heb 12:27 this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. Ex 25; 9 According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof, even so shall ye make it.

Something very important in the building of what God wants to have remain is specific Instruction: Particularly “Build according to the pattern".

If we are going to rediscover authentic Christianity, we have to build according to an apostolic pattern of Christianity!
(going back to original blue print, the order of first principles)

In rediscovering it: we must redefine our terminology and reconstitute our governmental structure!
Let us now build according to the pattern. That means that we have to be deliberately obedient. Our strategy our purpose and our actions have to be deliberate.

As vital as Revelation is, it’s important to know that we may not build ON revelation. Tragically much of the work that we have been exposed to has been built on revelation. However we must build WITH revelation. In the same way we do not build on experience but we do however build with experience. This will keep us free from error and fanaticism coming out of emotionalism. Establishing a balanced reality check through good relationship with those who are in the word and waiting on God will help us. We must build purposefully and accurately. To build accurately means we have to pay attention. If we are building out of the prophetic then let us not built out of interpretation of the prophetic, but build deliberately, accurately with what has been said and what is written. The Word and the Spirit always agree.

When my grandfather stepped out in ministry, it was the day of great faith for the miraculous just to survive. Times were tough; economic recession was in full swing. They would pray over bottles for their babies filled with water that there would be enough nutrition in it to feed the children. My grandfather said to God “I have strong hands and can work to feed and support my family, will you release me to work for a while?” God gave him permission to work in the secular for three years. My grandfather worked and became extremely wealthy, and then two months before the end of the three-year period, God reminded him time was up. He asked for extension, it was denied. He held on to the properties he had invested into. Three weeks later financial depression fell on the world. The banks called in all loans immediately and foreclosed on all debts owed. My grandfather lost all he had accumulated except his home. The lesson here is for us to pay attention, careful attention to the instructions. If he had been accurately obedient he would have turned over the properties and been empowered financially to work the Kingdom purpose.

Everything that God is telling us has some specific instruction, however we are so worldly motivated to move at a rapid rate and get things done, that we do far too much and overwork and it is all sacrifice instead of obedience. We tend to want to jump in the driver’s seat and we are supposed to be God’s passenger. ”obedience is better than sacrifice”.

Our slogan for AWC “establishing Divine Order and Godly Government” You cannot have good government without clear covenant. Covenant and relationship is the foundation of Godly government. Everything God does is relational, for, relationship out of, relationship and purposed to empower and enhance relationship.
A balanced approach to building



1. We should preach the Kingdom of God with Christ Jesus presently reigning as King.
We cannot escape this foundational point; if we preach this without the balance of fathers sons and inheritance and Apostolic reformation, we could be practicing Essene fanaticism. We cannot separate church and state for we are to offer treaties of peace. The Christ covenant is what sets us apart as being a Holy Nation and Royal Priesthood. We do not need a better theology but rather a clearer Christology. Remember clear Covenant makes good Government again it is relational.
We do not want to become fanatical and overthrow government, but we must become authorative and powerful and influence governments with peace. If not rising up in His directive and govern ourselves. I have sat on several ministerial fraternal and denominations, but they are not governing in peace but rather in threat and competition. We have to build with the understanding of the commitment of covenants. I am covenantal committed to you; I may not do just what I please. We think that we have to consider the people and the man to the cost of divine order and godly government. THINK AGAIN!

We have to build with a three fold chord. The relationship realm is developed by the fathers, sons, and inheritance message and teaching. We cannot just preach fathers and sons, and do away with the future because we leave out the inheritance area dealing with the next generation, and establishing a legacy.

(There is no individual in God – this is where we have made a mistake with our western religion by making everything that pertains to salvation individual in the place of everything that pertains to salvation is corporate, for Holy Nation. This teaching developed during the Hellenistic era BC after the rule of Alexander the Great, where until that time God had spoken to Israel as a Nation, then during the 400 silent years, Alexander the Great had conquered the known world and infiltrated it with the Greek languages, included was the city named after Alexander the Great, and called Alexandria. Living in Alexandria were the Hellenistic Jews that saw the tough persecution of the Holy Nation Israel, and……became selfish…self absorbed….individualism.

We have to build generation-ally, I may sow and never eat the harvest as an individual, but my sons will. I will not be selfish and not preach the truth, because I have no guarantee that I will see the fruit. I have to think into generations.

There is plurality and equality within function. We are all equal in function and operate in full authority within our function. However not necessarily the same in rank. A judge behind the desk has full authority, but when he sits at a doctor’s desk the doctor has full authority. However this can only be understood in the Kingdom in covenant relationship. The danger is that the only system that we have ever understood is positional and so we look like Saul. Saul was seen as an excellent leader because he joined to himself men of stature, but the problem was every one was joined to build Saul and no one else, in other words there was no building for sons and inheritance. David on the other hand was building into a Kingdom that was far too big for him to rule over; he had to raise a generation that saw eternity and understand the power of the seed. The Christ was in David’s genealogy He had to be believed and to be seen, for Him to become in reality the King of the world.

2. We are to preach a Father, Son and inheritance message. This message without the balance of an Apostolic Reformation Message and Kingdom message could lead to be a controlling and manipulating discipleship exercise. Where it should be a son empowering and propelling legacy message. Where character and covenant relationship understanding is developed. A preparing of boys to become mature men, men who God can entrust with a message.

3. And finally we are to preach an Apostolic Reformation message. Tragically there are those who are preaching the apostolic reformation with out the revelation and understanding but rather by just adjusting their terminology. The fulcrum of apostolic doctrine has to be Reformation. We have to awaken to the understanding of a believer’s priesthood, every member a minister. (The counterfeit has crept in and then the baby gets thrown out with the bath water. And the real Christ is missed.) If not balanced by Kingdom message and father son and inheritance this message will lead to another denominational exercise, where we will be working to join men to ourselves.

Let us build according to His pattern, according to the authentic blue print.

Zechariah 6:13 "It is He who will build the temple of the Lord, and He who will bear the honor and sit and rule on His throne….and the council of peace will be between the two offices.” The Apostles and Prophets – who are to be officers of peace the entrance of the Kingdom. These two offices are the tribes of Ephraim and Judah. (9:13) I will bend Judah as my bow and I will fill the bow with Ephraim…..make you like a warriors sword and Ephraim will be like a mighty. God is taking the two rods (signets of authority) and bind them together that they will be a war club in the hand of God.

Look at what some scripture says:-ill expound on these at another time



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