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AWC News Letter For June 2013



AWC News Letter June 2013





AWC International is located at 28 N Old Kings Road Palm Coast, FL 32137



Mailing address: for AWC is 18 Farnum Lane, Palm Coast, FL 32137


Everything in the kingdom is relational. If the kingdom is anything, and it is everything, it is relational. God is a relational God. He was a relational God all through the old Covenant. “I am your God and you are my people”. God enhances the relationship by providing the blood of the new covenant through His son.

Everything God has done, is doing, and will do, He will do though covenant. We must recognize that our relating to God has to be on a relational level and not on a religious level. We do not serve God out of precepts and conditions. We serve God out of a heart that is wanting and willing to live and love. God is the God of love. He is forgiving, compassionate, long-suffering and He is not a God of requirement, rules and regulations.

We have been conditioned by religion to see a God of regulation and requirements. This is trying to please God out of works of self-righteousness. However we have been made right with God through Christ Jesus. He made a way to have a loving, caring, relationship with him through Christ. We often fail at keeping covenant and keeping right relationships. God in his mercy, grace and compassion gave us Holy Spirit to dwell within us to empower us and to equip us for righteousness.

God’s government is also relational. And God is able to love every creation that He has made and He loves them fully. We have the blessed opportunity to respond to the love of God. Coming to salvation was both a personal and corporate response to the love of God through Christ. This love has already been released and expended toward all mankind. It is man’s decision to accept it or reject it. When we accept the love of God, the blood of Christ is applied to our lives. A new creation is then born. Now when God wants to work with us he does it in a relational way. He doesn’t tell us what to do, he guides us instead. When we are told what to do only one area of relationship is exercised. He wants to involve more of the relationship.

(For the complete message log onto live streaming archives May28, 2013)




Kenya/ Netherlands




On May 9th, eight of us left for the Netherlands to reconnect with ministry friends and also strengthen ministry ties to the area. It was our privilege to visit the country of Holland where we stayed in Utrecht and also visited Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Thank you to those who opened their homes to us.

WE also traveled to Kenya where the bus we traveled in became a type of traveling fish bowl for many of the local people. It was funny, I’m sure to see the funny white people waving so happily from the windows to greet them along the way.

In both the Netherlands and Kenya we found many of the songs sung in worship somewhat unfamiliar but the Spirit present was not. It gave confirmation to the picture of all God’s people gathering to worship Him across the globe. The Gospel of the Kingdom was shared faithfully and people were ministered to individually and as a house.

Some personal insights we came away with were the reaffirmation of the knowledge that: #1 we are not alone in our commitment to make a difference in the communities in which we reside. #2 when we gather on Sunday mornings for worship we join a host of other people all over the world doing the same thing with sincere hearts. #3 the message and the Spirit of Christ does not differ from culture to culture but rather transcends cultural differences bringing freedom from the things that bind. And #4, everyone should experience a travel abroad at some point in their lives. You will never again be the same.



Jim and I (Anne) had the privilege of ministering with a nearby church with Pastor George on Sunday while in Nairobi. It was a wonderful time to introduce a bit of the kingdom message to a people who had not heard it before. Afterward we visited over lunch and more was shared with the leaders. We pray for blessings and a continuing relationship to grow with Pastor George and Bishop John Munkinyo.


Corinthians 14:1-4 Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy. For one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God; for no one understands, but in his spirit he speaks mysteries. But one who prophesies speaks to men for edification and exhortation and consolation. One who speaks in a tongue edifies himself; but one who prophesies edifies the church.

AWC hosted a fire conference on May 31st through June 2nd. It included The Kingdom Prophet Seminar Saturday June 1st where we learned valuable lessons and received empowerment regarding the prophetic gifting. We learned all about the difference between a prophet, the gift of prophecy, prophetic anointing and the gifts of knowledge, wisdom and the discerning of Spirits. Not all who prophesy are prophets. Scripture says all who are believers may prophesy. Prophetic words are given so we may be prepared; it is “spiritual intelligence” to be used to the glory of God in our lives. It is consistent and often exposes the pitfalls that may occur or the problems that are presently occurring. It is a declaration of God’s purpose and intent. We are to respond with obedience when the word is judged to be accurate and true. The next Fire Conference will be June 28-30th. Make plans to join us!

If you would like to know more about this seminar, contact J.J Viljoen for more information.


School of Ministry:


Palm Coast Classes are held Monday Nights@ 7PM

Currently in progress: “Godly Government” Instructor: Apostle Dave Viljoen

Contact J.J. Viljoen to Register

Seminars are available: (cost involved): $50/ person and $75 for couple (or $150 for school credit)

Seminars available include: Kingdom Finances, Covenant Relationships, Praise and Worship and Leadership, Prophetic Seminar

If you are interested in beginning school in your area or hosting a seminar contact J.J. Viljoen

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Phone : 208-340-0757 Web address : Facebook : AWC Int. or JJ Viljoen


AWC International is located at 28 N Old Kings Road Palm Coast, FL 32137



Mailing address: for AWC is 18 Farnum Lane, Palm Coast, FL 32137


E.P.I.C is returning ~Empowering People in Communication


Several months ago an idea was dropped into my spirit while we were

talking and well frankly, being somewhat admonished regarding the

lack of evangelism within our company to the community. That’s when

I heard, “They just need to practice.” It was a small seed that would

germinate and grow. Afterward on different occasions when I

attempted to speak or do something that did not turn out well I would

hear the phrase again, “…you just need to practice...” And so E.P.I.C


This is an excellent time for those who are uncomfortable speaking to an audience of any size to practice in a fun and safe environment. It is equipping for the "in season and out of season" moments that occur when we are called on to share who we are and Who's we are with those we encounter. Working together we will work to break through the barriers that keep us silent when we should speak up.

~Anne Bradshaw, Palm Coast


By Jim Bradshaw, Palm Coast


Jesus said in Matthew 6:34, “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Often when we have goals in life, we look ahead at those mile markers as if they are everything. In other words, until we reach those points, we strive hard to reach them often to the point that we don’t enjoy the moment. This at times leads us to “worry” about tomorrow… making things happen within our time schedule. Such thinking sucks the joy right out of life in the moment.

I like the “Easy-Breezey” song that JJ has brought to the house… as it reminds me to live one day at a time. Instead of trying to get everything checked off my list to reach my goals, I will instead enjoy the process of working and living and loving. The moment, the present, is what we have… one day at a time. If we try to take on more than that, it invites evil to influence our thinking and behavior. If you have ever gotten impatient or irritable in the course of a day because things are not going according to your schedule, then you know what I am talking about.

So, whether we are on a ministry trip, or we are working the everyday routine of home, let’s rejoice in the Lord our God. It’s the only way to live!

“Living for this moment


Living my life

Easy and breezy

No more strife

Peace in my heart

Joy in my soul

Righteousness in my mind

Serving my Lord”


When Do We Meet:


Monday nights: School of Ministry (Classes will resume in February.)

Tuesday nights: Apostolic Impartation (online and in person)

2nd and 4th Thursday nights: Opportunity to join together informally for prayer and worship

Sunday mornings @ AWC Palm Coast, FL 9:30 AM

Child care available for ages 3 and younger if needed


Picnic in the Park June 9th


@ Princess Park, 2500 Princess Place Rd. Palm Coast, FL

AWC picnic by Daniel Sword Main course will be provided (shrimp and hopefully crawfish) Please bring a side dish or dessert and drinks for questions or comments contact Daniel (850)258-7941


Kingdom Culture Conference June 21-23 2013 @ Dominion Church International, 1106 S. Highway 14, Greer, SC 29650


Kingdom Prophetic Conference with Prophet Shane Mason @ Palm Coast

Friday and Saturday night 7PM June 28th-29th

Saturday morning, 9AM-12PM Prophetic Ministry 101

Cost: $20.00 preregistration/ $25.00 at the door

Sunday morning 9:30AM with Apostle Dave Viljoen




Every Tuesday evening after Apostolic Impartation @ Palm Coast

Conference with Apostle Banks in West Palm Beach, FL

(More information will be available in upcoming newsletters.


Minnesota Conference @ Cornerstone Church August 9-11


Ladies Summer Tea @ 3pm in Palm Coast August 10 2013


Praise and Worship Seminar August 16-17th 2013

@ Palm Coast

Cost: $50/ person and $75 for couple (or $150 for school credit)











March News Letter


March News Letter:


The Role of the Church
The kingdom of God precedes and produces the church. It is the covenanted community of Christ the king. It is made up of us, believers in Christ, rightly joined and jointed. We are placed within a body finding purpose and function. It is made up of MANY members with Christ as the head. And it is essential for kingdom expansion and execution.
As the body of Christ, the church makes up one holy apostolic gathering. It is the “one sent by God” on planet earth to be His embassy, His voice expressed and hand extended. It is the purpose of the church to demonstrate the will of God in the earth. As the corporate conglomerate body of Christ the church acts as the embassy of the kingdom of God to do the work of kingdom governance.
God is changing church as we have known it and that in turn will change the world. It is essential that the church understand the governance or authority of God and to execute it in our lives individually and corporately. The church’s role is vital in helping people find placement and purpose. The church helps those born into the kingdom find family so that they may grow up healthy, with healthy families who influence communities.
We want to be an apostolic people, and an apostolic house must evangelize and disciple. There are three types of evangelism:
 Friendship evangelism has a constant result as we are faithful and true in our lifestyle.
 Cold case evangelism involves dialogue and debate about truths and the gospel of kingdom.
 Prophetic power evangelism is the dynamic touch of God for a person (ex. healing and deliverance)
As the church comes into alignment we will become changers of the world. Church as we know it is preventing church as God wants it to be and it must be reformed and reordered so it can be what God wants it to be and do. Reformation has happened and is happening.

Article developed from a message given by Apostle Dave Viljoen, 2/26/13 during Apostolic Impartation.

FoAWC International is located at 28 N Old Kings Road Palm Coast, FL 32137
Mailing address: for AWC is 18 Farnum Lane, Palm Coast, FL 32137r full message go to



What is the Church? By Jacqueline Viljoen


Well before I break it down and define that church is not a noun
Let me expound and declare where the church is found.
As a building is made up of many bricks laid upon foundation
Its positioned in a structure that cannot be shaken
The company of pieces coming together to make one is the beginning of this understanding of what was purposed through the Son
It’s not a denomination, an organization or congregation
But rather a gathering of believers who make up a holy nation
Fitted together in one divine plan
It’s the cohesive force made up of living stones
If you're attending church you're out of the will of God,
because how can you attend something that you are.
Spectating from the crowd or warming pews
has never changed the world or spread the good news
So first we have the kingdom,
it’s God's government’s administration which produces
in its entity the church as a nation
So church evident on earth is like an embassy of the Kingdom
executing its order and decreeing its wisdom
It’s a people not a place;
It’s living not fake.
It’s alive and working not religiously broken.
It moves in power and operates in authority.
It doesn’t have limits and it knows no boundary
It cannot be built by mortal hands and it’s not governed by the democracy of man
He said in His word that this Church HE WILL BUILD
and with power and glory it will be filled.
It’s this living masterpiece that withstands gates
overcomes evil and testifies against hate
Because it’s defined by love and governed by grace
Its administration is peace and doorway is praise
It breaks the limitations of the laws regulations
Its freedom and power not bound by constitutions
So man that has attempted to build a structure of conformity
you have only excavated your own calamity
You have tamed the Lion of Judah and put yourself first
and failed to introduce Christ through the church to the earth
The church is a practical administration
of His will in demonstration.
We uphold a standard of a heavenly nature
as we are given authority to govern every living creature.
Church has a clear Christology not caught up in religious form or liturgy
Its awakened to relationship and understands its true identity
Synergy of purpose that exceeds locality
found in the image of the father and ordained with heavenly power
as the sum of the parts is cohesively greater
The purpose of the gathering is to hear the voice of God.
Not to satisfy a personal need
but to herald his instruction and heed
to the downloads of statutes, ordinance and judgment
and be his will on earth executing his government.


What song do you carry? B.J. Castaldo, Palm Coast

I was driving to work a few weeks ago and I kept hearing, "What song are you carrying with you today?" Another question I would always think about was, "what song is He singing to you today?" And better yet, “What song am I singing back?”
I have roughly a 35-40minute drive every day to work. I find that music is a huge part of driving experience. I genuinely love music! I've found that my day is a lot different if I "forget" to speak/sing with the Father. I manage, sure... but my quality of life is diminished, my temper, thought process, my attitude, my discernment are all not as they should be. This is the complete opposite when we (God and I) sing to each other. This is where the music comes in. I've always believed that music opens a door... It's your choice what kind of door gets opened. For example if I started singing "let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor" it will OBVIOUSLY have a different effect than if I sing "You're wonderful, beautiful, glorious, You're matchless in every way" - you can imagine which doors were opened with each kind of music that we listen to. I consider regular music as an essential part of life how much more is His “tune” essential to life more abundant. Listen to Him, hear His song... Let it change your mind, attitude, heart. And then sing back!


Minsters of the New Covenant by Anne Bradshaw, Palm Coast

Every believer is to be a minister of the New Covenant, the Gospel of the Kingdom. And to be effective we are responsible to deal with those things that hold us back. Hebrews 12:1 says, “…throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” That includes things from our past or present that would try to ensnare us by way of frustration, anger, fear, manipulation, anxiety or distraction.
Second Corinthians 3:2-6 says, “You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody… written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.” Human hearts respond to human hearts. They do not relate well to tablets of stone because stone is lifeless. For the letter alone kills as it only reveals and does not provide life, but the Spirit reveals AND gives life. God’s desire is for us to have life and have it abundantly so he gave us his Spirit. He created us to exist in relationship with one another.
Because the kingdom of God is relational, we must maintain relationship as best we can by living at peace without compromise of the truth. Our best testimony is the way we live out what we believe to be true as it has been revealed to us by the Spirit. For example, since the command from Christ is to love one another, then we cannot simply walk away or ignore someone we disagree with or who disappoints us. We cannot base our love for one another on how well they love us in return. We must be willing to be open and honest as well as accepting. We must be willing to pray for and respond to one another with sensitivity and discretion.
As ministers of the Gospel we are to be lights shining into the darkness showing the way to the better life Christ offers. This life is offered through healing and reconciliation and sometimes we must be the one to take the first step. It is the Gospel of Christ within us that offers hope and love to others. This is what pierces in the darkness in the world around us. Salvation and reconciliation is for everyone and we get to participate in the transformation of individual lives from sin and death to life and liberty when we respond with love for one another.



AWC International is located at 28 N Old Kings Road Palm Coast, FL 32137
Mailing address: for AWC is 18 Farnum Lane, Palm Coast, FL 32137


Deborah’s Winter Tea

Deborah’s Winter Tea was held on Feb 23rd and it was a lovely and special time of fellowship and remembering. Cindy Braden gave a lovely tribute and explanation of how the teas got started and how she was commissioned to keep them going by Deborah Viljoen in her memory. It is clear that Cindy has all that it will take continue with the wonderful seasonal celebration of life and liberty. Everyone invited loved the tea and is looking forward to returning for the next one.
Hats are the “in thing” at the teas. Many lovely creations showed up. The ladies went out of their way to make many of the beautiful creations themselves.
The event was catered by a local French café called La Craperie Cafe

Also available was a table of goodies to choose from. Everyone who wanted to brought something to share.
We also had a fashion show.
Bridal dresses from long ago and not so long ago. Young women and girls wore their own dress, a friend’s, or a mother’s. It was fun to remember and honor the covenant of marriage.



Ministry School
By Kelli Fischbach
Okay, here is a plug for AWC School of Ministry.... I love it, I love it, I love it! The school has caused me to look into the word for myself and not just be spoofed but to have clear understanding as I stand on my own two feet. I find a desire to be in the word profound and a hunger for understanding and wisdom unquenchable. I am challenged with homework and with opportunity to teach and share my testimony.... I am grateful for my tent pegs of understanding to be enlarged. I strongly encourage anyone to come on board and learn what the scripture really says and come to AWC School of Ministry. ~ Kelli Fischbach



Palm Coast Classes Resume Monday @ 7PM (in progress) “Prophetic Power Evangelism” Instructor: Apostle Dave Viljoen
Contact J.J. Viljoen to Register

Seminars are available: (cost involved): $50/ person and $75 for couple (or $150 for school credit)
Seminars available include: Kingdom Finances, Covenant Relationships, Praise and Worship and Leadership

If you are interested in beginning school in your area or hosting a seminar contact J.J. Viljoen
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Phone : 208-340-0757 Web address : Facebook : AWC Int. or JJ Viljoen



Covenant Relationships Seminar
On March 1st through the 3rd the Covenant Relationships Seminar was held in Southport, Florida at Kingdom Life Ministries, (Pastors Becky and Larry Owens). This was not only a wonderful time to gather and fellowship; it was also a reflective time of growth and victory. Twenty eight ministry students as well as others from the local community came to learn what Covenant Relationships was all about. How do covenant relationships affect the local worshipping community? We found there to be a profound difference between what is often practiced among believers and what God the Father has designed for us to experience. It was a welcome relief to know that what our spirits desire is truly possible with help of Holy Spirit within.

“Too many people have the concept that membership in a local church is not much different from membership in a secular club. For example, in a secular club you pay your membership fees, then you elect your committee, then you attend when you feel like it, and complain when you want to as an exercise of your democratic right. In the church, we pay our tithes, elect our committee (deacons) and then complain and attend when we want to. In the church, there has to be commitment of people to Christ and as a consequence of this, a commitment to people.” ~Apostle Dave Viljoen
Thank you to Kingdom Life Ministries for hosting this weekend. We all learned so much about God, His relationship with us, One another and God’s plan for us to live as the people of God. Through Covenant relationships we learn to not only give, but also to receive that which God has for us. We do this through and with our Brothers and Sisters with whom we are joined and jointed as one in Christ.
And thank you, Apostle Dave for your time and energy imparting to us the revelation and wisdom revealed to you regarding what it means to be in Covenant Relationships with one another as the Body of Christ.
If you would like to book this or any other seminar in your area, please contact Jacqueline Viljoen. (See page 5 for details and seminars offered). Seminars are a great way to encourage kingdom living with in a local community. Other seminars offered include: Kingdom Finance, Leadership, and Praise and Worship.


AWC Where the church meets
Monday nights: School of Ministry
Tuesday nights: Apostolic Impartation (online and in person)
Friday nights: Men’s Home Group (2nd and 4th Fridays)
Sunday mornings @ AWC Palm Coast, FL 9:30 AM


Child care area has been added to AWC Palm Coast for Sunday mornings.

If you are in the area and have little ones (4yrs and younger), or know someone with little ones you’d like to invite, the child care area is available should it be needed. A volunteer is available to assist.



AWC International is located at 28 N Old Kings Road Palm Coast, FL 32137
Mailing address: for AWC is 18 Farnum Lane, Palm Coast, FL 32137




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